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Ecolite GH2 Hydrogen DC power generator

Silent, emission free off-grid power generation up to 1000W

Developed in partnership with Intelligent Energy, the Ecolite GH2 brings silent, off-grid green power for construction, events and remote locations

The unit uses an Intelligent Energy 801 fuel cell module to produce DC energy to a maximum output of 1000W. This powerful unit uses pressurised hydrogen to provide DC power for lighting applications and for pairing with Inverter AC Power units for hand tools, accessories and welfare units in locations where traditional mains power is not available.

Thanks to its powerful hydrogen generator, the GH2 offers considerable benefits when compared to similar petrol or diesel generators. The unit is smaller, lighter, and requires minimal maintenance beyond simple air filter replacement.

The electro- chemical reaction combing hydrogen with oxygen, is near-silent in use and only emission is water vapour, avoiding all the polluting emissions associated with petrol and diesel. This therefore makes it ideal for use in enclosed ventilated spaces, as well as close proximity to operators. These features, coupled with the lack of ground-spill risk associated with liquid fuels, also makes it a perfect solution for sensitive sites, and for urban areas where noise and air pollution are major concerns.

This unit is particularly useful when paired with the TCP LGP, allowing for increased power output- up to 5000w- service times thanks to the combination of powerful hydrogen generator and highly-efficient battery storage.

Video shows: GH2 and PP10K (flight case)

Product specification

580mm (L) x 320mm (W) x 780mm (L)
Operating voltage:
Max current Output:
Or Operating voltage:
Max current output:
Water vapour only
Fuel type:
Hydrogen gas
Single switch operation:
H2 Fuel consumption:
Less than 60g per kWh
Hydrogen fuel cell technology for off-grid power

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Product features

  • Instant start up: Less than 10 seconds
  • Emission free: No NoX or CO2 emissions at source
  • Silent: Meet section 61 with ease

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