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LGP 2500 5kVA battery power pack

5kVA portable battery generator perfect for tunnels and confined areas

Developed in partnership with Light Green Power, the LGP 2500 Power pack gives you the ability to tackle demanding jobs without relying on the power grid. With zero emissions and zero noise, the 2500 is capable of outputting up to 5kW to power the most demanding of equipment: performance that has led to it being approved for London Underground use since 2012.

As legislation tightens on the use of diesel, the LGP 2500 is one of the few products that offers all of the performance of traditional generators but is approved for use in tunnels and tight spaces. Despite a compact, man-portable design, the power pack generates serious power which allows workers to carry out high-power welding up to 180A, mix concrete, or break masonry far from the grid.

Unlike a diesel generator, the Power Pack creates no dangerous fumes during use, meaning it is safe for use in tunnels and confined areas. With the highest power output in its class, the LGP 2500 is one of very few products that can replace diesel options while conforming with all tunnel and confined area requirements.

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Over the last 5 years, the LGP 2500 has found use on a broad range of maintenance and upgrade works with London Underground, who value its 5kW peak for high-power jobs such as welding, grinding, concrete mixing, tamping and breaking.

Requiring no maintenance, and no fuel beyond plugging into the mains, the LGP 2500 offers a simplicity of use that is hard to beat. This simplicity is reflected in low running costs - amongst the lowest of any generator.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, and with a lifetime of over 2000 charging cycles, you can rely on the LGP power pack to offer years of service with zero maintenance.

Product specification

Weight :
40kg + 12kg units

Max Power :
5000 W
Output :
110V and 230V options
Battery Capacity:
Welding Capacity:
>20 x 4mm MMA rods
Approval Approved to London Underground standards S1171-S1174 (March 2015)
Running Costs :
Low operating costs
TCP LGP Power Pack

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Product features

  • Approved to London Underground standards S1171 - S1174 (March 2015)
  • Zero emissions: Perfect for tunnels and confined areas where diesel can't be used
  • Lightweight: Carried in modules, the LGP 2500 is more portable than diesel generators weighing up to 150Kg.
  • Silent operation: Perfect for use in urban areas
  • Powerful: Outputting 5kW peak, the 2500 can handle high-power welding, breaking, and other challenging jobs.
  • Low operating cost: Requiring no fuel but mains electricity and with minimal maintenance, the LGP 2500 offers some of the lowest running costs of any generator.