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Privacy Policy

This Policy is applicable to Customers, Potential Customers, Business Associates, and Suppliers, of TCP.

Taylor Construction Plant Ltd (TCP)
Privacy Policy


This Policy is applicable to Customers, Potential Customers, Business Associates, and Suppliers, of TCP

Note: This policy does not apply to Current and Past Employees and Job Applicants, for whom TCP have a separate Privacy Policy.

Identity and Contact Details of the Data Controller:

Taylor Construction Plant Ltd, Quayside industrial Park, Bates Road,
Maldon, CM9 5FA
01621 850777

Type of Personal Data we process

TCP processes personal data such as:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Contact Details
  • Bank Account Details

This data is provided to us

  • Directly by Customers and Suppliers
  • From their own published sources, such as websites

The purpose of processing

Personal Data is processed (as applicable) for the following purposes:

  • Respond to Customer enquiries (L)
  • Provide Customers or Potential Customers with Information on Products and Services (L)
  • Record details of products or services required/delivered (C)
  • Retrieve details of Customer’s and Supplier’s previous contact with us (L)
  • Communicate with Suppliers of products or services that we require (L)
  • Deliver products or services required (C)
  • Make payments to Suppliers and related communications (C)
  • Collect / receive payments from Customers and related communications (C)

TCP does not carry out any automated processing, decision making, or profiling activities.

Disclosure of Personal Data to others.

In order to deliver the goods or services that Customers have ordered; personal data is disclosed to, and is processed by:

  • Delivery Companies (C)
  • Sub-Contractors or Product Suppliers delivering direct to Customers.(C)
  • Business associates (L)

TCP places contractual conditions with such 3rd parties which require them to confirm their own GDPR compliance and to restrict further disclosure of personal data, without prior consent from TCP, and the Data Subject if applicable.

We do not transfer any Personal Data outside the UK.

Legal Basis for Processing

The Legal Basis for processing Personal Data, by AGM Group Companies, or relevant 3rd parties, as described above, is either as denoted (L) or (C) above:

  • (L) Legitimate Interest
  • (C) for Contract Purposes

How we store Personal Data

Personal Data is stored in our own servers which are located at TCP’s own secure premises within the UK.

Personal Data is also stored in Hard Copy format in conventional filing systems, located in TCP’s own secure premises within the UK.

In both of these arrangements, access to Personal Data is restricted to authorised TCP personnel, who are required by their employment contracts to maintain the security of that data at all times. Personnel have received training to ensure they are fully aware of and capable of meeting these requirements. Failure to observe the Company’s requirements for data security would be treated as breach of confidentiality and therefore regarded as a disciplinary matter.

TCP Ltd stores personal data only for as long as necessary for the purposes noted above.

Access to Personal Data, Questions & Complaints

Data Subjects have the right to enquire about any Personal Data that TCP holds about them, and to object to the retention and processing of that data. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, data subjects are entitled to have the information corrected or deleted.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints related to our privacy policy or how we use your personal information, you are welcome to contact the TCP head Office, at the above address.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

TCP is required by UK Law to protect personal privacy, and therefore this Policy may be subject to amendment from time to time.

The issue date of this policy is shown below. To check the latest / current version please refer to, where a download version is available.

Policy Authorised by: A Barker, Managing Director
Dated: December 2023