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Hydrogen fuel cell technology for off-grid power

The Eco-CH2 Cabinet and Cage

Bring cutting-edge hydrogen power to your site with the Eco-CH2 cabinet. Using the BOC Hymera fuel cell, it produces DC power from the chemical reaction between bottled hydrogen and oxygen in the air around us. The silent reaction does not involve combustion, and produces water vapour as the only on-site by-product. As such, it is perfect for reducing the environmental impacts of site works.

Unlike diesel engines, there is no CO2 released at source, nor any other harmful chemicals such as Nitrous Oxides which can cause respiratory problems for those nearby. It is also near-silent in operation, making it a great replacement for noisy, smelly diesel generators. As a result, it is safe to use in enclosed areas, requiring no more ventilation than two adult men.

Boasting up to 2.5Kw of standby power, and 200W continuous, generate reliable, green energy where you need it most.

The CH2 cabinet is also suitable for other renewable inputs, such as solar PV or micro-wind, in addition to hydrogen cylinders, making it particularly useful in applications where liquid fuels are not suitable. Hydrogen, which is lighter than air, will safely dissipate into the atmosphere during a spill, rather than soaking into the ground.

Video shows: CH2 with cabinet and cage

Product specification

Standby Power:
2.5 Kw
Continuous power:
Cabinet Height:
Cabinet Width:
Cabinet Depth: 400mm
Cabinet Weight:
60 Kg
Output Voltage:
DC 24V / AC 220V 50Hz or 110V 50Hz
Cage Height:
Cage Width:
Cage Depth:
Cage Fuel Capacity:
up to 5 No. Genie 300 bar Cylinders
Hydrogen fuel cell technology for off-grid power

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Product features

  • CO2 FREE at point of delivery
  • 200 Watts of continuous power
  • Capacity for up to 5 Genie 300 bar Hydrogen Cylinders
  • External or ventilated Internal use
  • Suitable for Solar PV or Micro-wind input.
  • No liquid fuel

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