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Ecolite TH200 hydrogen mobile lighting tower

Cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell powered mobile lighting tower

The Ecolite TH200, winner of the 2013 Skanska ‘Supply Chain Green Solution Award’, proves that green, clean lighting doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Powered by BOC’s HYMERA fuel cell, this portable lighting tower uses a chemical reaction to produce clean energy with water vapour as the only by-product. In a world first, it combines the BOC-created fuel cell with low-energy LED light masts to provide carbon-free lighting at the point of delivery.

The Hymera fuel cell was developed by BOC Linde, and produces DC power from bottled hydrogen. The silent reaction does not involve combustion, and produces water vapour as the only on-site by-product. As such, it is perfect for reducing the environmental impacts of site works.

Unlike diesel engines, there is no CO2 released at source, nor any other harmful chemicals such as Nitrous Oxides which can cause respiratory problems for those nearby. As a result, it is safe to use in enclosed areas, requiring no more ventilation than two adult men.

Similarly, it is useful in ecologically-sensitive areas where traditional mobile lighting towers cannot be used. Bottled hydrogen poses no ground spill risk, while silent operation, zero emissions at source, and special low-impact lighting means that it is simple to meet increasingly-strict construction rules such as Section 61.

Despite serious ecological credentials, the Ecolite still offers market-leading lighting performance. With dusk-to-dawn auto switching as standard, it can run for up to 240 hours without human intervention (depending on cylinder configuration).

Like all Ecolites, the Ecolite-TH200 is fitted with Prismatic Lens Technology lamps which make the most effective use of every lumen produced. Known light patterns provide better-quality, evenly-spread light with no flicker and reduced glare. This also minimises light pollution, making them perfect for the urban environment and in environmentally-sensitive areas.

As such, the Ecolite is particularly suited to sensitive locations where traditional lighting towers can’t be used. With silent operation, no harmful outputs, no ground spill risk, and specially-designed lights, it is perfect for applications where there must be zero risk of contamination. Similarly, it is extremely useful in meeting increasingly-strict construction laws such as Section 61. As such, it is popular in the infrastructure and construction industries for helping them to meet strict environmental laws without compromising on site efficient.

The Ecolite-T Lighting Tower is also available on rent from our locations across the UK, or for sale direct to the consumer.

Hydrogen fuel cell
- Making use of the cutting-edge BOC Hymera fuel cell, the Ecolite creates green energy from a chemical reaction between bottled hydrogen and oxygen in the surrounding air. Unlike a diesel combustion engine, the only outputs are energy and water vapour, meaning no nasty exhaust fumes or environment-damaging CO2. Plus, the reaction is completely silent, meaning the Ecolite is as quiet as a library.

Prismalense technology
- The Ecolite-TH200is is engineered using the latest high-efficiency technologies including the hydrogen fuel cell and low-energy LED lighting from Prismalence. Loads that would have previously been unsuitable for even the smallest diesel generator can be cost-effectively run by the BOC Hymera.

Environmentally friendly
- No risk of ground fuel spill, no emissions at source, and no noise pollution: The TCP Hydrogen Ecolite is perfect solution for sites where you are trying to reduce environmental impact. Every aspect of the tower has been considered, helping you tackle secondary pollution issues such as light pollution from glare and noise pollution from engines.

Product specification

Max Mast Height:
9.1m (fully hydraulic)
Dry/unladen Weight (max):
Width: 1345mm
Overall Width:
2105mm (with Jack legs deployed)
Lifting Eye Safe Working Load:
Stabilising/leveling Positions:
4 No.
Operating Voltage:
12v DC
Ground Clearance:
Braking System: Park and Overrun
Max. Wind Speed for Safe Operation: 100kph
Additional safety systems: TCP AMOSS
Ecolite TH200 hydrogen mobile lighting tower

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Product features

  • ZERO CO2 Site Emissions
  • ZERO Noise Pollution - perfect for night work, in residential areas, and enclosed spaces.
  • ZERO Particulate Pollution
  • ZERO Servicing
  • ZERO Combustion
  • ZERO possibility for fuel or earth contamination
  • TCP AMOSS Safety System
  • Operational in enclosed spaces
  • Low-energy LED lighting
  • Fully autonomous run time between 30 to 240 hours*
  • Automated with dusk to dawn auto switching

* Depending on cylinder configuration

Product safety features

  • Exhaust emission free
  • Low voltage cut out
  • Low gas alarm

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