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Zallys Battery Dumper

Zallys Battery Dumper

Advanced battery powered dumper, robust material mover with silent power for the most demanding jobs

The TCP-Zallys Battery Dumper is an advanced battery powered, robust material mover with silent power for the most demanding jobs. This compact 5.5kph - 500kg battery-powered dumper is perfect for tunnels and enclosed areas. 

Advanced technology allows this unit to be simple to operate, manover and low maintenance, whilst providing the power you’d expect from much larger engine powered machine.

Since it’s silent, non-polluting and offers no site contamination risk, it’s ideal for sensitive sites, enclosed spaces, and urban areas.

Product specification

Forward speed (max) 5.5 kph
Reverse speed (max) 4kph
Charge time (mains) 8 hours 
Run time upto 8 hours 
Operating voltage 24v DC
Length 1412 mm
Width 785 mm (option of 670mm)
Height 946 mm
Load height 446 mm
Weight 122Kg
Load capacity 500kg/250 litres
Zallys Battery Dumper

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Product features

  • Silent: Perfect for use in urban areas
  • Compact: 1 person operation
  • Powerful: Suitable for loads up to 500kg
  • Zero emissions: Suitable for tunnels and enclosed spaces
  • Low Maintenance