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Eco-friendly power

Zero emission gatehouse

Low Energy Gatehouse

Bring cutting edge hydrogen power to your site with the Eco CH2 cabinet. Using the BOC Hymera fuel cell, it produces DC power from the chemical reaction between bottled hydrogen
and oxygen in the air around us. The silent reaction does not involve combustion, and produces water vapour as the only on site by product. As such, it is perfect for reducing the environmental impacts of site works.

  • CO2 FREE at point of delivery
  • 200 Watts of continuous power
  • Capacity for up to 5 Genie 300 bar Hydrogen Cylinders
  • External or ventilated Internal use
  • No liquid fuel
  • Suitable for Solar PV or Micro wind input

Super insulated walls, roof and floor

Double glazed opening window with worktop under

Double glazed fixed windows

Double glazed door with self closer

GRP construction to walls, roof and floor

Low Energy IRed Heating with Thermostat and PIR Control

Low Energy LED Lighting with PIR Control

Product specification

  • Mesh window guards
  • Shutters
  • External colour
  • External graphics
  • 1200mm x 1200mm x 2280mm high
  • 360 Vision
  • Forklift pockets in steel sub frame
  • 330kg overall weight
  • Worktops under front opening window
  • Vinyl / non slip flooring
  • Steel outer frame
Zero emission gatehouse

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