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Five product solutions which will reduce carbon emissions on the construction site

17th March 2020

TCP’s Business Development Manager (Sustainable Solutions) picks five clean air products which could make a difference in the reduction of carbon emissions onsite

Zero emissions plant equipment

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17th March 2020

Zero emissions plant equipment

TCP’s Business Development Manager (Sustainable Solutions) picks five clean air products which could make a difference in the reduction of carbon emissions onsite

TCP’s Business Development Manager (Sustainable Solutions) Simon Meades picks five clean air products which could make a difference in the reduction of carbon emissions onsite. 

In a world where businesses strive to become a ‘zero hero’ in their quest to become carbon neutral it has never been so important for clean air products to be readily available. Having these solutions in place means that companies that have pledged to become a carbon-neutral are able to make immediate changes on the construction site, like getting rid of diesel generators.

Typically, nearly everything on site is run by generators from light towers, CCTV, welfare cabins and power tools so imagine the reduction in pollution if everything could be run by an alternative power source in the absence of mains electricity.

A fuel efficient alternative…
A hydrogen fuel cell generator is completely free of diesel. It produces electric power by combining hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen. The only emission from these cells is water vapour, and they are virtually silent in operation which is a big advantage when complying with Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act*. With zero impact on air pollution levels at point of delivery, zero noise pollution and no risk of fuel spill, hydrogen fuel cell power arguably presents the perfect solution for a healthier work environment.

Hydrogen fuel cell works particularly well for off grid low power applications. With up to 2.5Kw of standby power, and 200W of continuous power the Eco-CH2 cabinet is a great replacement for a diesel generator and can be modified according to specific power applications. The beauty of this product which uses BOC HYMERA® fuel cell, is that is has capacity for up to 5 Genie 300 bar Hydrogen Cylinders and its fuel efficient. This means reduced costs, less visits to a site for refuelling and a reduction in vehicle movements.

For more energy-intensive jobs such as lighting, cutting, grinding, and welding consider using TCP’s LGP 2500 Power Pack and ECO GH2 DC hydrogen fuel cell generator which have been designed to work together to produce a clean air alternative to a 5kW diesel generator for off-grid applications. The ECO GH2 DC generator, capable of a maximum output of 1kW, reliably backs up the LGP 2500 which has a peak power output of 5kW.

When it comes to mobile light towers you cannot beat the performance of the Ecolite TH200 LED hydrogen fuel cell off-grid light tower, developed in partnership with BOC, a Linde company. This product again uses HYMERA® fuel cell generator technology, produces zero carbon emissions at point of delivery, is virtually silent in operation. It also uses prismatic lens technology to eliminate light pollution. Finally, this innovative off grid lighting solution removes risk of fuel spills associated with traditional equipment.

Building on the success of the Ecolite TH200, TCP has developed the Ecolite CCTV tower. This powerful tower comes with all the equipment you need to ensure that your site is secure. Featuring a vandal-resistant pan-tilt-zoom camera, infra-red LED illuminators, wireless movement detectors, digital recorders, and a public address system, this fully-featured tower provides industry-leading security. This hydrogen fuel cell product provides a fantastic cost-effective temporary site security solution with remote monitoring.

In summary reasons why hydrogen fuel cell is the answer

  • Zero carbon emissions (at point of delivery) and no risk of fuel spill
  • Virtually silent operation to reduce noise pollution
  • Hydrogen fuel cell offers greater efficiency as with a continuous supply of hydrogen, a fuel cell can provide electrical energy indefinitely unlike a battery which requires charging or replacing. It is also more reliable than trying to use sun or wind to generate a constant flow of energy.
  • Hydrogen fuel cells can be hybridised with renewable energies to further improve efficiencies - making this technology very versatile. For example, a hydrogen fuel generator with battery power and PV solar panels can effectively provide sufficient energy to power a welfare cabin.

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