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Five reasons to use hydrogen lighting on your next production

6th December 2017

On the face of it, choosing lighting for your next project might not seem like a complex decision. However, the days of the loud, smelly, diesel tower are numbered.

Ecolite products

6th December 2017

Ecolite products

On the face of it, choosing lighting for your next project might not seem like a complex decision. However, the days of the loud, smelly, diesel tower are numbered.

With hydrogen-powered options that are near-silent, produce no noxious fumes, and are highly energy efficient, the industry is changing fast.

So, make sure you're aware of the options on offer with our 5 reasons why hydrogen-powered towers are the future of on-location lighting:

1. Green

Although hydrogen power is a great choice for a lot of different reasons; for most people, it comes down to just one: the environment.

Unlike diesel powered generators which produce ozone-damaging emissions, hydrogen power creates only one by-product: water. It might seem impossibly futuristic, but this zero-emission technology produces nothing but clean power and water vapour, making it emission-free on site and reducing your carbon output.

With companies now pushing for the Albert sustainability footprint, using hydrogen powered lighting is another step towards carbon-neutral production.

2. Silent

No more complaints from your sound team. Because hydrogen power comes from a chemical reaction between bottled hydrogen and oxygen in the surrounding air, these lighting towers are pretty much silent.

Operating at 30Db, the tower is quieter than the average library (yes, really!). That means less distractions on site, fewer complaints from local residents, and less interference with sound recording.

3. Safe

Did you know, the Hindenburg disaster was mainly caused by the aluminium balloon, not the hydrogen inside it? Despite misconceptions, hydrogen power is actually one of the safest power sources on site.

Unlike diesel, which pools on the ground and presents a fire risk, hydrogen, which can be used to fill party balloons, rises rapidly into the atmosphere. That means that it has less chance of igniting and, if it leaks indoors, it gathers at ceiling height posing no suffocation risk to operators. Coupled with the lack of emissions, this makes it perfect for use in enclosed spaces.

4. Portable

Although the benefits of trailer lighting towers - which can be towed behind a car and positioned by hand - are obvious, you might not be aware of TCP’s wheelbarrow towers. These ultra-portable units can fit on walkways, down corridors, and into confined spaces, making them a versatile solution to on-location lighting.

Even better, forget heavy diesel canisters - these towers can run for 72 continuous hours from their two included containers of gas.

5. No glare

Using market-leading prismatic lenses, Ecolites provide light only where its needed. That means less light pollution, reduced glare, and the ability to set up lighting near cameras without it bleeding on-camera.

Plus, the LEDs used in TCP's ecolites use wavelengths that cause less strain on the eye, and are less damaging to night vision, reducing the occupational risks of working under bright lights.

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